Free Music Forms
Download these free printable PDF forms to help in your music studies. Print as many as you need to share with your friends and family.
  Student Practice Log
  Music Staff paper
  Piano Staff paper
  Guitar Tablature paper
Dedicated to the Community
At the Horn Doctor, we are dedicated to the Anchorage community. Our success depends on the success of our musical community.

This section provides information that we feel benefits the community.

 Care & Feeding of a Successful Music Student
Tips for Music Students and Their Parents
Is your child starting music class for the first time this year?

As the parent, if you haven't had band or orchestral experience in your background, you may have lots of questions...
• How can I help them enjoy the instrument they’ve chosen?
• Is practice at home that important?
• How can I motivate them to practice?
• and probably a few others, right?

School music teachers tell us that if parents and students work together to follow the guidelines below, chances are that you'll both enjoy the sweet sounds of success!
 Student Guidelines
Come to class with instrument, music, and written work on time.
Show respect for your teacher, fellow musicians and self.
Try to do what the teacher asks.
Practice at home at least 5 days a week, for 30 minutes each day. Record your practice time on a practice log.
Attend all concerts

Download Free Practice Log
 Parent Guidelines
Provide a well-functioning instrument, music, and other necessary materials.
See that the instrument and music go to school on lesson days.
Encourage and praise effort.
Play good examples of the child’s instrument (tapes, CD’s, radio).
Set a daily practice time and enforce it.
Attend all concerts
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