Alaska Music and Sound's rental program makes it easy to get your child a musical instrument. Our Rent-To-Own program is an affordable way to provide a high quality instrument.
  RENT-TO-OWN! 100% of the monthly rental fee goes to the purchase of that instrument when outright purchasing the instrument.
  Prepay for 3 months rent, and get your fourth month for FREE*.
* Only available from August - October on initial rental.
  NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED! Instead, we require a major credit card for authorization.
  Get up to 50% off the list price on select instruments.
  FREE LESSONS. Get a head start! Every instrument includes three free beginner lessons, taught by professional music teachers. Classes are on Saturdays in September only.
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More reasons to rent from the Horn Doctor Music Store:
  • We rent brand name high quality instruments
  • Rent-To-Own, available on all students rentals.
  • We service what we sell, service agreements available on most rentals.
  • We're local, so stop on by whenever you need us!
  • We stock the books and accessories their classes and lessons.

Choosing the right instrument:
It’s easy to select the beginning instrument you need at the quality level and price you desire. Most of our student instruments are categorized as “Good”, “Better”, or “Best”
Good Quality
Good quality means that we guarantee a quality instrument that plays correctly; if the instrument is used, it may not be cosmetically beautiful, but it’s still a good instrument.
Better Quality
Better quality means that the instrument is of a higher quality, is newer, or only slightly used, and is also guaranteed to play correctly. Some new instruments also included in this category.
Best Quality
Best quality means that you're renting or purchasing our highest quality student instrument. Most in this category are brand new; however, some excep-tional used instruments may also be considered of this caliber. Look What's In Store for You!
2018 Rental Catalogs
Download our 2018-2019 Rental Catalogs for the full details of what we have available in our store.

Student playing Horn Doctor Trumpet
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